Why Choose ACE Helping Hand?

An accident or cancer diagnosis changes life in an instant. Plan for the unexpected. ACE’s Helping Hand Cancer Care Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance plans provide you with a financial buffer should the worst happen.

No amount of money can make up for a lost limb, or a loved one suffering with cancer. We know that. But we do know that it takes away many other worries.

Take out Cancer Care Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance with ACE Helping Hand to receive cash payments on a cancer diagnosis or an accident. You’ll also receive various ongoing or one off payments, depending upon the circumstances. Choose the cover level that’s right for your family situation or needs.

ACE’s helping hand lets you concentrate on life and loved ones, not money worries.

*Based on a non-smoking person aged up to 44 years old

ACE paid £72,795 after an electrician slipped in his bathroom causing partial paralysis